Welcome to The Friends of Greenview and Pioneer Nature Areas.
We are neighbors joining together to care for the wonderful park and nature area along South 7th Street and Scio Church roads. About us

What’s Happening Now

It’s summer at Greenview, the season of abundance!

The meadow, wetlands, and woods are home to a huge variety of trees, grasses, and flowers, and animals that live among them. Enjoy an ever-changing display as you explore!

Watch for these seasonal highlights along the trails:
In the meadow – a parade of wildflowers coming into bloom, including bright orange butterfly weed, yellow and brown black-eyed susan, and fuzzy white mountain mint.

The native grasses — big- and little bluestem, and indian grass — will be flowering too, setting seed as the season moves toward fall.

How many kinds of birds and butterflies can you identify?

In the woods – the trees are fully leafed out, providing a shady canopy for the woodland wildlife.

Can you find the nooks and crannies where woodland creatures hide and nest?

In the wetlands – recent rains have filled the pond and swelled the canal. Listen for frogs! The pond hosts some resident ducks and the willow shrubs along the canal provide dense cover for songbirds.

In the demonstration edible garden – check out the bounty of fruits, nuts, and herbs. Raspberries, elderberries, hazelnuts, oregano, dill, and parsley are flourishing this year.

In the Project Grow community garden – plots are starting to yield vegetables! This year’s plantings include greens, tomatoes, squash, beans, peas, onions, and more.

And finally ….. do look out for poison ivy.
It’s everywhere!