Edible Garden

The Friends of Greenview and Pioneer Nature Areas, in conjunction with Pioneer High School, have planted this demonstration garden for education and enjoyment. Its purpose is to showcase interesting food plants that grow well in this area. In addition to being edible, the plants we selected for this demonstration garden are also attractive and easy to grow, thus good for the home landscape. The initial planting includes types of hardy, low-maintenance trees and shrubs that have tasty fruits, berries, or nuts. Over time we hope to expand the garden to include more varieties.

As we add to the garden, we plan to introduce a mix of native and cultivated and/or non-native varieties that have improved vigor, fruit size, or other traits considered important in food plants.

The Friends started this edible garden in May, 2012 by planting the following trees/shrubs, all of which are indigenous in Southeast Michigan:

Scientific Name:
Asimina triloba
Aronia melanocarpa
Corylus avellana
Diospyros virginiana
Prunus americana
Ribes grossularia
Rubus occidentalis
Sambucus canadensis
 Common Name:
Paw Paw
Black chokeberry
American persimmon
Wild plum
Black raspberry
American elder

Many classes, from elementary to high school, make use of the Edible Garden and the surrounding Greenview Park and Pioneer Woods areas. The areas enable classes like Biology, Earth Science, Geophysical Science Accelerated, and AP Environmental Science (APES) classes to tour, discuss and learn about habitats, succession and biodiversity. Some of the projects students have been able to work on in the park area are soil testing and a groundwater/pond comparisons study.